Meaning of HDR photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, meaning quite simply, “a high level of contrast”. HDR photography, therefore, is photography that captures a very high level of contrast, including very bright highlights that still have detail instead of being pure white, and very deep shadows that still have detail instead of being pure black. HDR photography is often captured by capturing multiple images at different exposures and blending them together, however many modern cameras can capture high dynamic range images in a single exposure.

How To Successfully Achieve HDR Photography

  • Take multiple photos in something called โ€œAuto-bracketing modeโ€ or โ€œAuto-exposure modeโ€ or โ€œExposure Bracketingโ€ โ€” they are all the same thing.
  • Allows you to shoot in Aperture and adjust the exposure to +1 or +2 for example. If this is confusing to you, no worries, we will get to this.
  • Shoot a single RAW photo. Yes, you can make a beautiful HDR image out of a single RAW!

Recommended HDR Software:

  • Photomatix Proย โ€“ There is a free version (that leaves an ugly watermark) and a paid version which you can get with a discount, just use โ€STUCKINCUSTOMSโ€œ code at checkout.
  • People also enjoyย my Photomatix Presetsย that will help give your photos many looks, from dreamy to grunge and everything in between.

Optional HDR Software:

  • Adobe Lightroomย โ€“ The final steps of my tutorial have you using Lightroom for some finishing touches. You can get a trial version on Adobeโ€™s website.
  • Nikย andย OnOneย โ€“ These are two great packages to have with you. Once you start post-processing, youโ€™ll want all the crayons in the box! As usual, use the STUCKINCUSTOMS discount code to save you money.
  • Topaz Adjustย โ€“ It will help to bring โ€œpopโ€ and sharpness back into the final photo. The whole Topaz Bundle on the site is also a good option if you want all the tools they offer.
  • Noiseware Professionalย โ€“ This is the best noise reduction software. Available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Adobe Photoshop or Elementsย โ€“ Anything that allows you to work in layers is fine really, and these are the most popular. Elements is much cheaper if you are on a budget! You can try out both for free at Adobeโ€™s website.

Step 2: Go out and shoot

The idea is to take under exposed, over exposed photos and photos with normal exposure. Later you will merge these photos with post-processing software and will compensate the high dynamic range which your camera could not see, but your eye could.

Create an HDR with Photomatrix

Open up Photomatix and load in all the bracketed images. To do this, I dragged the five images from Lightroom onto the Photomatix Icon, but there are many ways to do it. You can select the images from a folder or use Photomatix to load them in.

ย Open up Lightroom and import your newly merged HDR image. Then go into Develop mode and apply or create a preset which would add drama to the centre of your photograph. Usually a well faded vignette will do the trick.


  1. landscape Type of photography that features large expanses of space, of large lands, or of the world. These images are meant to feature the grand scale of nature (and sometimes vast expanses of man-made features). Average pay: $51,929
  2. fashion Type of photography featuring fashion and clothing, often with professional female models. Entire industries are dedicated to fashion, which includes fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, or Vanity Fair Average pay: $44,494
  3. fine art Photography that is rooted in the artistic or subjective vision of a photographer, as opposed to representational photography (such as photojournalism) which accounts for unaltered reality. Average pay: $45,666
  4. portraiture Photography that is about portraying the mood, personality, and expression of a person or group of persons. The focus is usually the face, though a farther out zoom to a half- or full-body is sometimes done. Average pay: $36,290
  5. wildlife Type of photography that documents animals in their natural habitat. It is often very challenging to photograph animals, since not only does a photographer need to be spot on with their technical skills but they also need to approach animals without being detected Average pay: $40,676
  6. wedding Wedding photographers utilize a variety of photography styles to provide wedding coverage. Completely wedding coverage require the photographer to be good at macro, portrait, photojournalistic, fine art, fashion, landscape, and action/sports photography. Average pay: $10,000
  7. marco Type of photography that depicts extreme close up shots of small objects. By doing so, the subjects can appear to be much larger than life size. Average pay: $21.85ย 
  8. photo journalism Photography that documents an event or story as it is unfolding. The photographer is to uphold fidelity to reality, to be honest and impartial while telling the story. Average pay: $32,798
  9. architectural Photography that portrays the feeling of being around a built environment. It is about portraying aesthetically pleasing buildings and structures Average pay: $54,892
  10. black and white Photography that features images in black and white, i.e. shades of gray, in which the appeal lies in the monochromatic character of the style. Average pay: $20.00


  1. The first photograph in 1827 really impressed me. I’ve never thought they could think of making a image out of limited materials or experimenting
  2. The Daguerreotype in 1837
  3. Flexible Roll Film: 1884-1889 it really made me think of how they can start recording and making films the idea of inventing recordings and making them is impressive and interesting

These inventions really impacted my life because of how these people can even think of giving me the opportunity to use a camera and for them to be able to invent something that will go on for generations. Without these people studying and understanding how to make images or cameras. i don’t think well today be able to film live events or capture the beautiful moments we have now in this generation.